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Dynano-CIB CSIC - Ph D Student

Dynano-CIB CSIC – request for a Ph D student position

Job Title: Ph D in the field of “NMR and molecular recognition studies applied to Dynamic Interactive Nanosystems”

Summary: The PhD candidate will be involved in a multidisciplinary project within the molecular recognition field. In particular, he/she will focus on the applications of state-of-the-art NMR methods to investigate biomolecular conformation, structure, and dynamics, of a variety of ligands, as well as on the specific molecular recognition events that take place between them with specific receptors. During the last few years, the group has determined the solution 3D structure of different proteins and thrir complexes using a protocol based on NMR spectroscopy, assisted by molecular mechanics and dynamics calculations. This methodology will be applied to different molecular complexes and to the elucidation of the structure of protein receptors of biomedical interest.

Role: Experimental NMR studies of molecular recognition events. Molecular modelling protocols for understanding interactions at the atomic level.

Job Description (English, detailed information – max 3000 characters)

The Ph D student will perform NMR studies to study the conformation and dynamics of a variety of ligands, especially carbohydrates and glycomimetics, but also from other chemical nature. Then, the interaction with different receptors will be performed using a combination of NMR methods assisted by molecular modeling protocols (docking and molecular dynamics). In particular, the interaction studies will be performed from both perspectives. From the ligand point of view and from the receptor point of view, employing modern NMR technologies: STD, Waterlogsy, and their variants. Further developments: TR-NOESY, Inter-ligand NOEs, INPHARMA, Diffusion-based methods, Paramagnetic tags: spin labels. TINS, DIRECTION,  Employment of other nuclei (19F), Editing andfiltering methods. SAR by NMR. CIB-CSIC has in-house facilities for high level NMR and modeling studies.

The candidate will work in strong contact with other groups of the consortium specialist in synthesis, molecular biology, and application of other biophysical techniques

The PhD at CSIC-CIB will be trained in state-of-the-art NMR and modelling techniques. He/she will be able to study at atomic level, ligand-receptor recognition processes by using NMR, also applied to dynamic systems.

There will be a fixed appointment with CIB-CSIC for 36 months. Candidates have a background in chemistry, biology, biochemistry, pharmacy or a related subject.

Fluency in English is required.

  • Main Research Field : NMR methods and applications in molecular recognition studies
  • Sub Research Field : Molecular modeling applications in molecular recognition studies
  • Benefits: vacations: 30 days/year, parental leave: 16 weeks

N° Hours Per Week: 40 h/week

Applications must include curriculum vitae in english. Applications must be sent by e-mail, to : Jesús Jiménez-Barbero, at:  jjbarbero@cib.csic.es