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Agilent Technologies is the world’s premier measurement company and a technology leader in communications, electronics, life science and chemical analysis. Agilent has two primary business segments: Bio-Analytical Measurement and Electronic Measurement. Agilent's bio-analytical measurement business provides application-focused solutions that include instruments, software, consumables and services that enable customers to identify, quantify and analyze the chemical, physical and biological properties of samples and entities. Within life sciences, our key product categories include: Microarrays, Reagents, Microfluidics, Gas Chromatography, Consumables and Services, Liquid Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry, Software and Informatics and Atomic-Force Microscopy.

The R&D group that will participate in this research is part of Agilent Labs, the corporate research lab of Agilent. The Agilent Labs team will be led by Dr Zohar Yakhini, who earned his BSc in mathematics and computer science at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and his PhD in mathematics at Stanford University, 1997. He is working in computational biology and bioinformatics since after graduation, with focus on statistical and algorithmic aspects of microarrays and other high throughput measurement technologies, including mass-spectrometry. He is currently Master Scientist at Agilent Labs and Adjunct Faculty in the Computer Science Department, Technion, Haifa. Dr Yakhini led data analysis work in several early gene expression studies. He then led the development of probe design and data analysis methods and software tools for Agilent’s CGH microarrays. Dr Yakhini’s group developed several data analysis tools that are widely used by the genomics community. His current work focuses on design and data analysis aspects of molecular measurement technologies, including high throughput genomics and proteomics.