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Bristol-Myers Squibb

Bristol-Myers Squibb is a next-generation biopharmaceutical company.  The main company focus is on finding and developing innovative medicines to combat serious diseases, and getting them to patients faster and more efficiently. BMS will have an advisory role in the EU FP7 GlycoHIT project and assist in application validation.  BMS will assist in the validation of the glycoprotein molecule clean-up step to ensure the desired molecule is efficiently extracted (e.g., recovered) from the sample, with glycoprotein signature generation on aptamer microarrays, and with LC and mass spectrometric detection.

BMS will propose experimental designs of process sampling schemes that will be derived from ongoing development studies in collaboration with the grant coordinator. The majority of BMS participation will come in the third year when analytical platforms are ready to be tested.

Dr. Kirk J. Leister is the director of Manufacturing Innovative Technologies Department of Bristol-Myers Squibb, Co.  He has twenty years of experience with analytical method development and validation, biologic product characterization, and clinical release testing.  Dr. Leister received his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Roswell Park Cancer Institute, SUNY Buffalo.  As a Cancer Research Associate in Experimental Biology, he supervised operations of the Mammalian Tissue Culture Facility at Roswell Park.  After completion of his Ph.D., he joined Dr. Efraim Racker’s laboratory in Cell and Molecular Biochemistry at Cornell University as a NIH Research Fellow studying tumor growth factor signal transduction pathways.  In addition to functional responsibilities in process development at BMS, Dr. Leister continues to lead the CTLA4Ig/Nulojix Integrated Development Team for the corporation. CTLA4Ig, also known as Orencia, is currently a successful commercial marketed product for the company.