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University Hospital Heidelberg

The Department of Applied Tumour Biology is located at the University Hospital Heidelberg and is also a component of the German Cancer Research Center. The project leader is heading the biochemical laboratory in the Department of Applied Tumour Biology. His laboratory is equipped with facilities for protein purification, characterization and identification, including a nano-LC ESI mass spectrometer (Thermo Finnegan LCQ DECA XP proteomics workstation) for protein identification by peptide fingerprinting. Considerable experience in protein purification, characterization and identification results from previous work and is documented by several publications (1-4). The lab's expertise focuses on the application of these methods on tumour glycobiology, for over a decade in close cooperation with LMUM.

The Department of Applied Tumour Biology has established a close collaboration with clinical partners at the University Hospital Heidelberg (Department of Surgery, Department of Gynecology) and with other clinical centers (University Hospital Dresden, University Hospital Freiburg, University Hospital Dusseldorf, Charité Berlin, Medical Genetics Center Munich, St Vincenz and Elisabeth Hospital Mainz). Through these collaborations, sera from patients with colorectal cancer, gynaecological malignancies, and healthy control sera have been collected. In addition, the logistics have been set up for continuous prospective collection of serum samples from patients with gastrointestinal and gynaecological tumours. Clinical data at the time point of inclusion (e.g. tumour type, location, stage) and clinical follow-up will be available from all patients enrolled.

Scientific and technical staff

Jürgen Kopitz (PhD) leads the research group.  Johannes Gebert (PhD) and Matthias Kloor (MD) are senior scientists and experts in the diagnostics, molecular biology and pathology of colorectal cancers.  Miriam Reuschenbach (MD) is a postdoc scientist and  expert in the laboratory diagnosis of cervical cancer.  Sigrun Himmelsbach is a technician. Prof. Dr. med. Magnus von Knebel Doeberitz is Director of the Department of Applied Tumor Biology. He is a leading expert in cervical and colon carcinogensis and will provide overview and strategic guidance to the team.