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National University of Ireland Galway

The National Centre for Biomedical Engineering Science at NUIG is a multi-disciplinary institute with approximately 400 researchers addressing a broad spectrum of research in the life sciences. It has fully-equipped modern laboratories with facilities in glycomics, MS, HPLC, spectrometry, molecular biology, protein engineering and tissue culture. NUIG works closely with the regional specialist hospital, UCHG, and emphasises translational as well as basic research. A dedicated technology transfer office at NUIG is responsible for intellectual property identification, management and exploitation.

Participating scientists: Prof. Lokesh Joshi was the Director of Center for Glycoscience and Technology, Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University, USA before relocating to NUI Galway in 2007. His research interests span from recombinant glycoprotein expression and metabolic engineering to development of novel glycobiosensors and glycobiomimics for diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Prof. Joshi is the Principal Investigator and Director of the Alimentary Glycoscience Research Cluster, a large multi-institutional research programme funded by Science Foundation Ireland to explore host-microbial interactions mediated by glycosylation in the gut. Prof. Rudd (Partner 4) and Dr. Kane are participating investigators in this programme. Prof. Joshi has also been collaborating with Prof. Gabius (Partner 3) since 2006 on lectin-glycan interactions. He has therefore experience with the management of large national and international projects and as a co-ordinator of several projects.

Dr. Kane has been developing monoclonal/recombinant antibodies/antibody fragments, immunodiagnostics and miniaturised bioassays for over a decade. Prof. Joshi and Dr. Kane have worked since 2007 on developing HTP glycoscience technologies for discovering peptide and nucleotide mimics of lectins to selectively bind to glycan motifs.

The NUIG team is interested in the application of glycobiomimics and glycosensors for diagnostic, therapeutic, and analytical applications in clinical and industrial sectors.