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Oslo University Hospital

The Oslo University Hospital HF (OUS) is Norway’s largest hospital. OUS has national specialist  functions in a number of medical fields including cancer, immunology, stem cells, molecular biology and neurological research. OUS has status as a Comprehensive Cancer Centre comprising the Hospital, the Institute for Cancer Research (ICR), and the Cancer Registry of Norway. The Institute with all its departments and core facilities including bio banking, have recently moved into new research facilities of >9000 m2 with laboratories and equipment of the highest quality.

The Department of Genetics at the ICR is among the leading laboratories in research on molecular biology of breast cancer. Prof Børresen-Dale is heading the department that comprises a total of 38 scientists, postdoctoral fellows, PhD students and technicians. Børresen-Dale and her group were among the pioneers in expression profiling of breast carcinomas in collaboration with D. Botstein at Stanford. The department holds today an extensive expertise in DNA, mRNA and miRNA profiling using the most updated large scale array technologies and statistical tools. A new sample set, collected at the main hospitals in the Oslo region with >1000 cases, will be the main source for samples for GlycoHIT.

Professor Anne-Lise Børresen-Dale PhD is also Professor at the University of Oslo faculty of Medicine. She is among the leading geneticists in research on molecular biology of breast cancer. She is author of more than 350 published scientific papers, book chapters and reviews. She has received several prizes and awards for her research, the two most recent being Swiss Bridge Award for outstanding Cancer Research in 2004 and the Möbius prize for outstanding Research from The Research Council of Norway in 2008. Børresen-Dale is a Member of Board of Directors of ECCO, and is the current president of EACR.