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International Symposia at Tsinghua and Hunan Universities

Posted on Oct 1, 2012

In August 2012, the GlycoHIT members organized an International Symposium on Bioanalysis and Biosensors in Tsinghua University.

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The symposium focused on the cutting edge developments in nano-devices, proteomics and biopharmaceutical industry needs for protein and glycan technologies. This symposium was followed by the mid-term meeting hosted by Hunan University in Changsha in September where members from GlycoHIT consortium shared progress on various research fronts from clinical, industrial and academic laboratories.   

Hunan University also hosted the second joint meeting between GlycoHIT and Sister Chinese consortium in September. During this meeting, partners from China, EU, Israel and US shared their research progress with other colleagues to further collaboration with China in biopharmaceutical and biomedical fields.

All these events were highly successful and provided an ideal setting where investigators from over ten nations discussed state of the art research in an open, friendly and collaborative environment.  Several ideas were shared about existing and potential collaboration during these meetings. One of the aims of our two consortia is to develop stronger research links and explore collaborative projects. We hope to work together to find funding mechanisms to continue to sustain and grow these interactions and establish these two consortia as ‘poster children’ in EU-China research partnership.