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The National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training

Prof. Rudd’s team generated promising preliminary data on biomarkers for diagnosis/prognosis for several following cancers: breast (Saldova et al. 2010, Pierce et al. 2010, Abd Hamid et al. 2008 and Storr et al. 2008), ovarian (Saldova et al. 2007), lung (Arnold et al. 2011), prostate (Saldova et al. 2011, Sarrats et al.2010 and Tabares et al. 2006), pancreatic (Sarrats et al. 2010, Barrabes et al. 2007), stomach (Cohen et al. 2011, Bones et al. 2011 and Bones et al. 2010) and follicular lymphoma (Radcliffe et al. 2007 and McCann et al. 2008).

This work has been supported from Cancer Research Ireland (breast and lung cancer), Oxford Glycobiology Endowment fund (ovarian cancer), Glyfdis (FP7) (stomach and pancreatic cancer) and EurocarbDB (FP6) (bioinformatics, von den Lieth et al. 2010).

Within GlycoHIT they will improve technology to validate these biomarkers in high throughput format.