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Oslo University Hospital

Key activities at OUS include the following:

1. Glycan gene expression signatures in normal and malignant breast tissue; possible role in diagnosis and progression. (Potapenko IO et al, MolOnc, Dec 2009). A review of the present knowledge on glycosylation in relation to breast cancer diagnosis and progression, in the light of available expression data from tumors and breast tissue of healthy individuals.

2. Serum and mammograms collected from healthy women with no malignant disease for glycosylation analysis in relation to mammographic density and mammographic features.

3. Time series of serum glycans in healthy women at risk of developing breast cancer (alteration of serum glycan profiles over time and identification of serum glycan profiles associated with future breast cancer development).

Recent publications include

▪       Aas, T., Børresen, A.-L., et al and Lønning, P.E.: Specific p53 mutations are associated with De Novo resistance to doxorubicin in breast cancer patients. Nature Medicine 2: 811-814, 1996. >429 citations

▪       Kristensen, V.N., Haraldsen, E. K., Anderson, K. B., Lønning, P. E., Erikstein, B., Kåresen, R., Gabrielsen, O. S. and Børresen-Dale, A.-L.: CYP 17 and breast cancer risk; the polymorphism in the 5' flanking area of the gene does not influence binding to SP-1. Cancer Res. 59: 2825-2828, 1999. >59 citations

▪       Kristensen, V. N., Harada, N., Yoshimura, N., Haraldsen, E., Lønning, P. E., Erikstein, B., Kåresen, R., Kristensen, T. and Børresen-Dale, A.-L.: Genetic variants of CYP19 (aromatase) and breast cancer risk. Oncogene 19(10): 1329-1333, 2000. >83 citations

▪      Perou, CM., Sørlie, T., Eisen, MB., van de Rijn, M., Jeffrey, S. S., Pollack, JR., Rees, CA., Ross, DT., Johnsen, H., Akslen, LA., Pergamenschikov, CW., Zhu, SX., Lønning, PE., Børresen-Dale, AL., Brown, PO. and Botstein, D.: Molecular portraits of human breast tumours. Nature 406: 747-52, 2000. >2250 citations

▪       Sørlie, T., Perou, C. M., Tibshirani, R., Aas, T., Geisler, S., Hastie, T., Johnsen, H., Eisen, M.B., Thorsen, T., Rijn, M. van der., Jeffrey, S., Quist, H., Rees, C. A., Brown, P.O., Botstein, D., Lønning, P.E. and Børresen-Dale, A.-L.: Gene expression patterns of breast carcinomas distinguish tumor subclasses with potential clinical implications. PNAS 98 (19): 10869-74, 2001. >1600 citations

▪       Sørlie, T., Tibshirani, R., Parker, J., Hastie, T., Marron, J. S., Nobel, A., Deng, S., Johnsen, H., Pesich, R., Geisler, S., Perou, C. M., Lønning, P. E., Brown, P. O., Børresen-Dale, A.-L., and Botstein, D.: Repeated observation of breast tumor subtypes in independent gene expression data sets. PNAS., 100 (14): 8418-8423, 2003. >850 citations