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University Hospital Heidelberg

Recent publications include the following:

▪       Gassler N, Roth W, Funke B, Schneider A, Herzog F, Penzel R, Bravo IG, Mariadason J, Ehemann V, Sykora J, Walczak H, Ganten T, Zentgraf H, Erb P, Alonso A, Autschbach F, Schirmacher P, Knüchel-Clarke R, Kopitz J. Regulation of enterocyte apoptosis by acyl-CoA synthetase splicing (2007) Gastroenterology 183:587-98

▪       Patsos G, André S, Roeckel N, Gromes R, Gebert J, Kopitz J, Gabius HJ. Compensation of loss of protein function in microsatellite-unstable colon cancer cells (HCT116): a gene-dependent effect on the cell surface glycan profile. (2009) Glycobiology. 19:726-34.

▪       Roeckel N, Woerner SM, Kloor M, Yan YP, Patsos G, Gromes R, Kopitz J, Gebert J. High frequency of LMAN1 abnormalities in colorectal tumors with microsatellite instability. (2009) Cancer Research 69:292-9

▪       Reuschenbach M, Waterboer T, Wallin KL, Einenkel J, Dillner J, Hamsikova E, Eschenbach D, Zimmer H, Heilig B, Kopitz J, Pawlita M, Doeberitz MV, Wentzensen N.C. Characterization of humoral immune responses against p16, p53, HPV16 E6 and HPV16 E7 in patients with HPV-associated cancers. (2008) Int J Cancer 123:2626-2631