Categories: General
      Date: Aug 17, 2012
     Title: GlycoHIT represented in Glycomics Symposium
GlycoHIT was represented at the inaugral session in Sab Sebastián, Spain, July 19-21.

“The inaugural session of the Glycomics Symposium, titled “Increasing the Impact of Glycoscience through New Tools and Technologies”, was held July 19-21 in San Sebastián, Basque Country, Spain. The conference, organized by Niels-Christian Reichardt of CIC biomaGUNE, Guipúzcoa, featured a broad-range of carbohydrate-related biological, computational, chemical, and business topics presented through over fifty talks and thirty-two posters.  Several members of the Glycoscience Research Group from NUI Galway, including GlycoHIT funded researchers, presented posters and gave oral presentations at the meeting.”